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Solid Ground – Sara Wasserman
Posted July 21st, 2009 by ashley kubbinga

The entertainment world is filled with examples of kids who did not exactly follow in the successful footsteps of their more famous mothers or fathers.

Sara Wasserman is the exception to the “Julian Lennon” rule.

Sara is Rob Wasserman’s kid.  Rob is a GRAMMY winning bassist, who has worked with the likes of Aaron Neville, Lou Reed, Van Morrison, Brian Wilson and a list of other musical geniuses.  And clearly, his ability has rubbed off on his uber-talented daughter.

Sara’s first CD, “Solid Ground”, happens to be filled with her dad’s friends.  Neville contributes a couple songs, and duets on the album’s best tune, “Fly Away”.  Reed adds some guitar on another track, etc.

But to her credit, this star power is not the strongest part of the project.  Rather, it is her magnificent voice.  It absolutely soars, with a range and confidence you don’t hear much any more.  She keeps up with Aaron Neville, after all, although the song “Solid Ground” probably best personifies this.

However, she’s not just another pretty voice.  Wasserman pens or co-writes 10 of the 11 cuts (the exception being a very good cover of the Hall & Oates classic “Sara Smile”, appropriately).

The material is clearly Jazz, but the Pacific Coast Jazz release certainly has Pop sensibilities, and more than a hint of Soul.  It’s an impressive debut.

4 mics out of 5

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