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“A debut album has seldom sounded so good”****:

(Sara Wasserman, vocals and background vocals; Rob Wasserman, bass; Randy Emata, piano, percussion, keyboards, background vocals, drums; Christian McBride, Bass; Lou Reed, electric guitar; Aaron Neville, vocals; Stephen Perkins, drums; Vernon Reid, guitar; DJ Logic, turntables and addition percussion; Cedricke Dennis, guitar; Mike Clark, drums; Alan Evans, drums; Sakai, background vocals; Monet, background vocals; Skyler, background vocals)

A hall of fame collection of artists join in with Sara Wasserman on Solid Ground a 2009 release from That Other Label.  A light jazz and poppy expression of a woman that grew up in family full of free-spirited artists as the daughter of Rob Wasserman, living in and surrounded by musical excellence.

A debut album has seldom sounded so good.  Talent like this is born and not made. Sara has fine-tuned her musical skills and with the help of Lou Reed, Aaron Neville, Rob Wasserman and many other fantastic artists, Solid Ground, provides a great addition to or beginning of a collection of pop rock that isn’t teeny bopper or over-produced stereo songs overtaking the airwaves.

Fly Away with Aaron Neville is an emotionally charged track that makes you trust that Sara has found her way home.   Home to a musical adventure that has just kicked off.  Covering the Hall & Oats song Sara Smile was a very clever debut choice.  Her highs and lows are so fine-tuned and clear.  This album is completely enjoyable.  I’m ever so impressed with this CD and look forward to Sara’s future releases.

— Paul Pelon IV, Audiophile Audition

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