Weir, Two Wassermans and Friends Scare the Children

Original RatDog members Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman and Jay Lane regrouped this past Saturday as Scaring the Children for a performance at Mill Valley, CA’s 142 Throckmorton Theatre. The show benefited the Blue Bear School of Music and featured an opening set by RatDog’s summer tour companion Jackie Greene.

Scaring the Children, a name Weir and Wasserman used in the 1980s and 1990’s, took the stage for a trio set that featured “Blackbird,” “Victim or the Crime,” “Me and My Uncle,” “Peggy-O,” “Friend of the Devil,” “Easy to
Slip,” “Jack Straw,” “Even So” and “Dark Star.” After “Dark Star,” Greene and Wasserman’s daughter Sara, a solo performer in her own right, took the stage with the group for “Sugaree.” Greene remained onstage as the ensemble finished off “Dark Star,” but faded offstage before the musicians closed the night with “One More Saturday Night” and the lone encore of “Ripple.” Weir and Lane will perform in the new band Further this coming weekend at Oakland, CA’s Fox Theater.

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