Sara’s Most recent Tear Sheet (Quotes from the press)

“Sara Wasserman is now full-speed ahead on a career that may have started tentatively, but is now firmly on solid ground.”   –

“Wasserman does what she does as well as anyone could possibly hope for… wraps the album’s genius-nature around its straightforwardness.”  –Shelton Ivany,

“..shows off her delicately smoky voice and her feel for unusual interpretation. The high points are high indeed.  ..Wasserman has attracted an impressive array of guest artists (Lou Reed, Aaron Neville, Vernon Reid, among them) who make very some cool contributions.”    –Sarasota Herald Tribune

“Wasserman demonstrates her ability to get inside a song… Solid Ground showcases her skills as a pop, jazz and rock vocalist.”  –Tom Wilk, ICON Magazine

“Sara’s voice soars into our consciousness on a mission of musical truth, a harbinger of hope delivered upon the dissonance of pop’s throwaway landscape. She is equal parts strength and sincerity, with roots anchored in R & B’s rich musical soil and a style that is, well, simply Sara.”  — BBC Radio London

“Sara carries the magnificent reflections of a gifted singer. Her song “Fly Away” sounds like a song you think had already hit because it’s so familiar – but really it’s an original classic just waiting to be heard.”  — Music Connection Magazine

“Sara Wasserman has not only a musical pedigree but also a gigantic, glittering soprano that an “American Idol” would kill for.”  — The Austin American-Statesman

“Sara is an artist with great depth and imagination. With her musical talents, I look forward to watching her reputation and popularity flourish.”  — Christian McBride
“With an unlimited range of vocals and ability to write meaningful lyrics, Sara Wasserman’s songs are set to redesign the boundaries of genre, with the beauty and power memorable art is made of.”  — WSUM, Madison, WI

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